CUSCO , CHINCHERO Early in the morning we are go in car prevailed even I fill the town […]

1.- Day. Cusco, Queshuachaca  This  tour begins itself too early, after-breakfast begin to transport us toward  by four lagoons, […]

Willoq Pata the playing field are communities far from Cusco, it needs to come to 40 minutes of […]

TOUR TO THE SOUTHERN VALLEY.  1 DAY This tour is one options little-known placed south of the Cusco, […]

The sacred valley is one of the agricultural- wealth icons of the Peru. For fertile soil, where the […]

It is one of the natural wonders, produced by mineral oxides that are found in the mountain at […]

The city of Arequipa is the second bigger city of the Peru, this fence is located to 2350 […]

Puerto Maldonado is one departments east of Peru, a region of Amazonian jungle, in every extension is only […]

THE PARK MANU .EL park Manu is the game park, once 800 meters was placed in the jungle […]

1 DAY PUNO .PUNTA HERMOZA – ISLAND ANAPIA This island the Southern Titicaca is located in lake this […]

Puno is one of the departments known by the lake higher of the world that finds to 3800 […]

1 DAY CUSCO HUANUQUITE – CCORCA -. I collect the 7:00 a.m. from the hotels. Exit to Ccorca’s […]

1 DAY CUSCO CCORCA CAVE PAINTINGS. On foot Or BICYCLE I pick up fron your hotels in Cusco […]

This tour has his beginnings in the city of Cusco. I pick up of your hotels the 8,00 […]

1 DAY CUSCO  CACHORA – CHIQUISKA. The tour begins in the Cusco, after a breakfast go out in […]

1  DAY .CUSCO ,CACHORA , CHIQUISKA The tour begins in the Cusco, after a breakfast go out in […]

This religious celebration, a tradition kept through hundreds of years for highland inhabitants, those who according to observation […]

1.-Day Cusco. Tambomachay to Patabamba  I transfer of the hotel the start at 6.50 o’clock of the road, […]

HUACRA PUCARA . It is a construction of the Incas, located in the province of Acomayo department. Cusco to […]

TEMPLE OF WIRACOCHA, ON VOLCANO QUINSACHATA, This town has a particularity, regarding other ones, than this overcooked nationally […]

Tourism acquired through experience in life, a new way of offering an atmosphere of warmth that enables him […]

1 DAY CUSCO – OCONGATE. TINKI UPIS. This tour is incomparable with other ones Tours of the Peru, […]

1 DAY CUSCO CHAULLAY HUANCANCALLE. The tour begins in the city of Cusco with I pick up of […]

1 DAY CUSCO  – CACHORA -CHIQUISKA. The tour begins in the Cusco, after a breakfast go out in […]

1 DAY. – Cusco Mollepata Soraypampa . After comforting breakfast we begin to get out of the city […]

1 DAY.- CUSCO.CALCA.LARES.HUACA HUASI. The tour begins in the city of Cusco, going by the sacred valley of […]

1 DAY -CUSCO. SANTA MARIA. STA TERESA. HIDROELECTRICA, HOT WATER. This begins in the city of Cusco at […]

This tour is one of the best level roads, national and World Cup, in order to count on […]

One of the wonders of the world, located in the eyebrow of the Amazonian jungle of Peru, the […]

We leave the city of Cusco at 7:30 am, in order to take the car that takes us […]

CUSCO CITY OF THE INCAS. The empire of the Incas, developed in Southern America, the so-called Tahuantinsuyo extended […]